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San Diego Dental Crowns

Dental crowns play an important role in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. These strong, attractive tooth coverings can provide valuable protection against disease, add structural strength to weakened enamel, and greatly improve the look of damaged or discolored teeth.

Fabricating and fitting a crown is a relatively straightforward process; even so, you must take care to select a cosmetic dentist with the right combination of experience, skill, and attention to detail to ensure a good fit and proper function.

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Crowns are essential in some cases, especially when the tooth enamel has been significantly compromised. For instance, if you have a root canal done, a large portion of the tooth may be open to future infection. A crown can “cap” the enamel surface to prevent new germs or food particles from entering the inner parts of the tooth. If a large filling has fallen out or the tooth has become cracked, the resulting weakness of the enamel could lead to more extensive damage unless your dentist adds a crown to reinforce the enamel.

Crowns are also an essential aspect of dental restorations such as bridges and implants. If you are having a permanent bridge fitted, the ends of each bridge are actually crowns anchoring this form of restorative dentistry in place. If you opt for dental implants, the metal posts that comprise the “roots” will be topped by crowns to create a completely natural-looking result. Crowns can also provide more extensive cosmetic improvement than veneers, which only beautify and strengthen the front sides of teeth. If you have a prominent tooth that is completely discolored or obvious broken, our cosmetic dentist can fit a crown to give you more confidence in your smile.

To prepare you for a crown, a dentist will remove some the enamel to pare the tooth down just enough for it to receive a crown and hold it securely. Impressions of this new shape then enable our San Diego dentist to create a permanent crown that will fit the shaped tooth perfectly. We can use porcelain colored to match your other teeth, or we can create the crown out of gold or silver if you like. (Porcelain can also be fused to metal for extra strength.) While you are waiting for the permanent crown to be made, our cosmetic dentist will cement a temporary crown into place. Once the permanent crown is ready, we will make any final adjustments necessary for a comfortable fit, including follow up appointments as needed.

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